• The Diamond You album

    Back in my J-pop days, I brought together a global collaboration of my talented friends to create what I like to think of as a multifaceted auditory diamond — a musical jewel for you — also known as my album, The Diamond You. It’s an international labor of love that was many years in the making. And although I’m glad my album was popular with the critics and public alike, nothing delighted me more than hearing my “uncle Herbie” (jazz legend Herbie Hancock) give me his personal review.

    I’d dropped off an advance copy of the album for Herbie when I visited him in LA, and before the album was released he came to Tokyo for some shows where he told me backstage one night “I listened carefully to every track. Great job, it’s really great. Everyone’s gonna love it.” Hearing these kind words, I felt a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment greater than any other compliment I received had evoked in me. That’s how much I respect Herbie’s opinion. And he was right, even people who don’t speak Japanese tell me they love it. Which is exactly what I was going for! Universal positive energy conveyed through music that transcends culture. 

    My album’s title is The Diamond You, and the way it was originally sold was under the genres of: J-pop, Pop, World, and Fusion.

    Here are the track listings for the version of The Diamond You that’s available now on streaming platforms and iTunes outside of Japan:

    1. Love Star | 愛星へ
    2. When Is Someday | いつか
    3. I Will Always Remember You | 忘れない
    4. Moonlight Dancing | ムーンライト ダンシング
    5. Beautiful Nightmare | きれいな悪夢
    6. Slave To Love | スレーブ 2 ラブ
    7. Let’s Start Over, Te Amo | やり直そう
    8. The Tears Of Goodbye (with Dave Koz) | さよならの涙
    9. When Is Someday – Reprise | いつか リプライズ
    10. The Start Is Always Rain | はじまりはいつも雨
    11. Two Lights As One | ひとり
    12. Diamond (The Diamond You) | ダヤモンド
    13. Imagine | イマジン

    You can hear these tracks on Amazon MusiciTunes, Spotify, and Tidal. Enjoy!