Happiness Becomes You

Over the past decade it was my delight and honor to work with Tina Turner on her book of inspiration, Happiness Becomes You: A Guide to Changing Your Life for Good. Tina dreamt of writing this book about how she transformed her life for a long time. In fact, she started talking about it and planning more than 30 years ago! Now her gift of inspiration to the world is available in 18 languages and more than 50 nations. Soon after it debuted, Amazon’s editors chose it as one of the Best Nonfiction Books of the Year, and in Germany it became an instant Spiegel Bestseller:

I dedicate this book to you…
in honor of your
unseen efforts to
triumph over each problem
life sends your way.

Tina Turner, from the introduction

Tina Turner, one of the world’s most beloved performers, reveals the joyful wisdom behind her inspirational life story in this powerful guide to finding happiness, hope, and love in your own life.

In Happiness Becomes You, Tina shows how all of us can overcome life’s obstacles—even change the impossible to possible—and transform our lives. She explains how we, too, can realize our dreams, empowering us with spiritual tools and sage advice to enrich our unique paths.

Now, Tina offers the wisdom gained throughout her extraordinary life in Happiness Becomes You, making this the perfect gift of inspiration for you and those you love.

From the introduction: “Each of us is born, I believe, with a unique mission, a purpose in life that only we can fulfill. We are linked by a shared responsibility: to help our human family grow kinder and happier.”

Happiness Becomes You was first published in the USA, UK, Canada, the Netherlands, and Germany (titled Happiness: Mein Spiritueller Weg) in December 2020, and has since been released in a total of 57 countries and 18 languages including Sweden, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Japan, Poland, Greece, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey, Albania, and Brazil.

Tina Turner, born Anna Mae Bullock, is a singer, dancer, and actress whose career has spanned six decades and garnered numerous awards, including eight Grammys. After her early hit songs “River Deep—Mountain High” and “Proud Mary,” Tina’s well-publicized hardships forced her to virtually disappear from the music scene. In the 1970s, she began practicing Buddhism and rebuilt her life by tapping into her spiritual strength. She rose up to recreate her career with a string of megahits, including her 1984 album Private Dancer. In 1986, she published a bestselling memoir, I, Tina, which became the 1993 Academy Award-nominated film What’s Love Got to Do with It. Her follow-up book, My Love Story, was a global success in 2018. One of the world’s most popular entertainers, Tina has sold more concert tickets than any other solo music artist in history. During her 50th Anniversary Tour (2008-2009), she performed for more than a million fans.