Living Wabi Sabi

Synopsis of Living Wabi Sabi

(by Andrews McMeel Publishing)

In this beloved book by author Taro Gold, we find easy, practical advice to create the joyful life of our dreams. The beautiful message of Living Wabi Sabi shows us that our hearts already hold everything we need to be happy. This book celebrates the perfectly imperfect uniqueness of you and me and everything. It reveals the joy, creativity, and empowerment of imperfection through a new way of looking at life: the way of Wabi Sabi.

Living Wabi Sabi helps us to see the beauty in imperfection and to discover that our so-called flaws can also lead us to our greatest strengths and treasures. When we know this fundamental joy here and now, we can reveal the most powerful and positive sides of any trouble, from the smallest of our daily problems to the biggest of life’s adversity. This is an exquisite keepsake and guide to the joy of living that every reader will cherish for years to come.

Excerpt from Living Wabi Sabi: “Appreciate this and every moment no matter how imperfect, for this moment is your life. When you reject this moment, you reject your life. You don’t have to settle for this moment, you are free to steer a different course, but for now, this moment is yours, so be mindful to make the most of it.”

Love for Living Wabi Sabi

A Recommended Read by TIME, Publisher’s Weekly, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound and by countless newspapers and magazines around the world.

“This beautiful book from Taro Gold helps readers see that problems in life are sometimes the source of the greatest personal growth and happiness. It celebrates life’s quirks, problems and blemishes. Gold calls it “the appreciation of the value and beauty of imperfection,” and writes that it is a virtue he learned from his sage Japanese grandmother in Kyoto. In short and beautifully designed chapters, he shares optimistic, common-sense philosophy of finding joy in the present despite our weaknesses, failures and flaws. Throughout the book, carefully selected quotes from great thinkers and world leaders invite readers to transform their defects and difficulties into opportunities for great hope and positive change.” – Jana Reiss, chief reviewer, Publishers Weekly