Shining World

Whenever I go skiing in Whistler, Canada, something about the atmosphere reminds me of the Swiss Alps. Breathtaking beauty all around. And for some reason I have, on multiple occasions, been mistaken for Olympic skater Apolo Ohno. Ha! I always take it as a compliment.

Funky Winker Pub in Vancouver, Canada

During my last visit to Vancouver, I discovered my all-time favorite pub name: Funky Winker Bean’s! Who could come up with a more unique and fun name for a pub?  Leave it to Vancouverites. And to my great delight, I discovered that KFC in Canada offers the most delicious vegan sandwiches. They were so good! Thanks to all the Canadian animal rights activists and their compassion-based work over the years, it is thanks to you that people can enjoy these kinds of vegan options nearly anywhere we go nowadays across Canada.

Open Your Mind, Open Your Life in French for Canadians

Another reason I love Canada, oh Canada, is that a lovely publishing house in Montreal, Quebec, was the first to translate one of my books into French with their edition of my book Open Your Mind, Open Your Life.  They sold it in both Quebec and in France, which was a big treat. Brought back memories of my childhood when I had a pretty good grasp of French (between about 2 and 8 years old). My friends in Paris told me it was an excellent translation, and well-received in France, so how could I ask for more? Gratitude to everyone who worked on the French editions of my books, especially to the brilliant Québecoise translator Josée Guévin. Vive le Québec! Vive le Canada!