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The ancient healing art of yoga has inspired Taro since childhood. Taro was enchanted by his first taste of yoga, but since none of his friends shared his newfound practice, he soon focused on more typical boyhood activities, including soccer, tennis, swimming, surfing and gymnastics.

Destiny eventually led young Taro back to his beloved practice of yoga when, one evening, a drunk driver slammed into the car in which Taro was riding. The impact fractured Taro’s neck, leading to a painful and lengthy hospital stay and recovery.

Miraculously, he escaped paralysis. Under the care of some of the world’s best spinal injury specialists, Taro underwent a delicate spinal surgery that successfully repaired his neck with titanium hardware and bone fusions. After months of bed rest, Taro finally began the slow, tedious and grueling process of physical therapy to regain his physical strength. His physical therapy team suggested a combination of resistance training and yoga to hasten his recovery, stretch his muscles and bring back his strength.

Although his neck healed perfectly, Taro’s medical team barred him from ever again playing some of his favorite sports. He had to hang up his beloved surfboard, his skis, and no more gymnastics. Thanks to his regular practice of yoga, however, Taro soon found himself in top shape – stronger, healthier and more flexible than ever before. He was once again on the path of a healthy life.

Taro’s belief in the healing power of yoga has led him to study, practice and share his love of yoga with friends around the globe, including India, Nepal, Spain, France, Peru, Mexico, Canada, Hawaii and Japan.

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